Vivi Film

Vivi Film is an Oscar nominated production company that has been active for 30 years with a focus on the development and production of animated features, tv-series and shorts.


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Mediarte is a social fund dedicated to supporting the wellbeing, training and professional development of individuals working in the audiovisual, film, and digital industry.

Panenka BXL

High-end drama, entertainment shows and documentaries. We produce content like a Panenka: a daring shot on goal, a penalty with guts and finesse.

how to get here

Rue Deschampheleerstraat 26

1081 Molenbeek

by car:

parking in front and underneath

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2′ walk from Ribeaucourt & Merchtem

6′ walk from Etangs Noirs

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Eager to join this audiovisual community? Contact


Eager to join this audiovisual community? Contact


Eager to join this audiovisual community? Contact


Isabel Van Renterghem is an independent costume designer who has been working in the film industry since 2013.
She is experienced in features, TV series, music videos and commercials for international brands. Her latest credits include amongst others Roomies, Hacked, All of Us, The Twelve. She has her own fitting room and stock at Edmond.

Baby Jane

Digital content & distribution strategy, rooted in media landscape. By Brecht Vaes. 


Storyhouse loves stories with purpose that can inspire social change and focus on investigative, youth and author’s point-of-view storytelling.

Unie Van Regisseurs

Professional association by & for audiovisual directors.

Music & Images

The one and only Annemie Hendrikx

Jeanke Pizza

The Original Jeanke Pizza from Bruxelles 


Eager to join this audiovisual community? Contact


Eager to join this audiovisual community? Contact


Eager to join this audiovisual community? Contact

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Eager to join this audiovisual community? Contact

Salut Tout le Monde

At salut tout le monde, we record, produce and mix music and sound for everyone. Hip-hop, fashion, pop, film, edm, auto-tuned, overdrived, beautiful,  impactful…weirdest ideas are welcome because we believe limits are to be broken. We would be happy to help you broke them, and we’ll do our best to take your project to the next level, together.


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+32 496 420 300

Rue Deschampheleerstraat 26

1081 Molenbeek


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At Parallaxter, we are helping to build the future of immersive media. We developed PresenZ, a technology that enables 3D artists to easily create virtual reality experiences from their most complex scenes and with the tools they are familiar with.


I could have been a submarine factory or an old motorway lamppost graveyard, but instead I’ve donated myself to the creative community.

Because I get bored quickly, and now I’m constantly entertained with music and sound design, film and animations, sometimes real, sometimes augmented or virtual, and technology I don’t even want to begin to understand.

Image crafters and composers, artists and gardeners, cooks and poets all gather here to exchange, to think creative thoughts and bounce off ideas. I love to feel all these beautiful emotions being born, you don’t get the same love from old motorway lampposts or submarines.

Come see me and don’t worry, it’s not a co-working space, or a creative hub, I’m too old for that.


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De Wereldvrede

De Wereldvrede is an artists-centered production company that produces premium audiovisual content for the national and international market. The company philosophy omes from the experiences of the three partners in their past work environments.


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Studio Souza

Studio Souza is an animation studio that creates animated feature films, TV series and shorts with a heart for authentic imagery and touching stories. We enjoy every step of digital image creation. From pre-production to the final image and everything in between.


Sonhouse is a sound production agency and platform. We believe that the right sound identity makes your project stronger, film or brand.


Nozon is a specialist in visual effects, 3D animation and fully immersive 360° content.
Over the past 20 years we have grown to become the reference in high end CG, thanks to our artistic approach and strong R&D department.


The Pack

The Pack is a high-end post-production facility delivering quality visual effects, 2D & 3D animations and VR.
Driven by technology and supported by our expertise, we create fascinating and innovative stuff.


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